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Your TDB can be programmed from 1 to 25 levels including a blind time and the big blind amount. Both the blind time and the big blind amount can be set to different values in each level. The small blind is automatically set to half the big blind.

Four keys: Bet; Start/Pause; Up/Down; Program (P)
Two modes: Play Mode and Program Mode
When the TDB is turned on it starts in Play Mode.

In Play Mode the keys do the following:
START/PAUSE KEY: Press and the Start/Pause key to turn the TDB on. Once the TDB is turned on the Start/Pause key is used to start and pause the blind timer.

To turn the TDB off the Start/Pause key must be held down for approximately 3 seconds until it makes a double beep sound and the screen goes blank.
BET KEY: The BET key works anytime in Play Mode. The Bet key can be set for 30, 60, or 90 seconds. Press it once for 30 seconds, twice for 60 seconds, and 3 times for 90 seconds. After 3 seconds from the first time you press the Bet key the bet clock will start counting down from the time you start it from. After the bet clock has started you may press the Bet key again to cancel the bet clock and reveal the current blind time and blind amounts. Note: if the blind level ends anytime during the time the bet clock is running you will hear addition beeps when the bet clock is canceled or after the 3 second tone when the bet clock ends. No other keys function when the bet clock is running.
UP/DOWN KEY: Only works before blind timer has been started. The Up/Down key's direction is indicated by the arrow on the screen. This allows you to start on any programmed level. Each time the Up/Down key is pressed it moves the level up or down one. To switch the key’s direction hold the Up/Down key for approximately 3 seconds until it makes a double beep sound.
PROGRAM KEY: Changes the TDB to Program Mode when held for approximately 3 seconds. This key can be held down for 3 seconds anytime in Play Mode to switch the TDB to Program Mode.
  1. Blind timer gives 1 minute single beep warning for the last minute of each level.
  2. When the time runs out on each level the next level automatically starts.
  3. To reset your TDB to initially programmed times once it has been started or paused you must switch to Program Mode and back to Play Mode.

In Progam Mode the keys do the following:
PROGRAM KEY: When held for 3 seconds it will beep, change the TDB back to Play Mode, and set the TDB to level 1. When in Program Mode pressing the Program key forwards the TDB from one programmable digit to the next. The flashing digit indicates which digit is currently being programmed. Press the Up/Down key to change the value of the flashing digit. Press the Start/Pause key to save programming on that level and forward the TDB to next programmable level.

Note: When first programming the TDB in level one where all values are at zero, your values for each blind time and each big blind amount will be carried forward from the last programmed level when you press the Start/Pause key. If the TDB had been programmed prior and the proceeding levels are not all at zero then the programmed values will not carry forward to levels with prior values.
UP/DOWN KEY: Initially the on screen arrow starts in the up position in Program Mode and each time it is pressed the flashing digit goes up one. When held down for 3 second this changes the Up/Down key to down.
START/PAUSE KEY: On/Off function does not work in Program Mode. The Start/Pause key changes/saves the levels you program. Once you have a level programmed with the blind time and big blind amount you want you must save the level by pressing the Start/Pause key. Example: if you are on level 5 and press the Start/Pause key it forwards the TDB to level 6 while also saving level 5 at the same time. Important note – if you are on level 5 during initial programming level 5 is not programmed (saved) until the Start/Pause key is pressed.
  1. Clearing levels: To reset every level on the TDB to zero set all digits to zero in level one and press the Program key for 3 seconds until it beeps and returns you to Play Mode. This will clear all values in all levels to zero.
  2. To keep the first 5 levels of programming and reset levels 6 through 25 set all digits to zero in level 6 and press the Start/Pause key for 3 seconds.
  3. Your TDB has a memory so when it is turned off your programmed levels are saved.
  4. Your TDB automatically turns off after 99 minutes of non use.

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