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Classic Tournament Dealer Button

Protected under
patent # US 7,317,664 B2
Easy to use - Program tournament in seconds
Custom Program - Blind Times, Small Blinds and Big Blinds for up to 25 levels
Auto-Save Feature - Stores your programming when turned off

Special Features:
Bet Button - Forces slow players to act quickly at 30, 60, or 90 seconds
Never Lost - Fits into chip case card slot
Safe To Pass - Fail safe feature prevents accidental tampering when being passed

Deal With It Deal With It

Custom Tournament Dealer Buttons

No minimum order – No set up fees – Design yours now!

Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button

Design your own custom button on our website by adding text and/or pictures.
Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button

Choose your background color and type in text to create your TDB on our site.
Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button

Create your own graphic art or logo and upload it to your custom button

The Tournament Dealer Button combines the three essential elements of tournament play. No more need to use the kitchen timer and jotted down blind structures. The TDB is the only patented digital dealer button designed to run your entire poker tournament. It is easy to use and can be programmed in seconds.

Having your Tournament Dealer Button on the poker table allows all players to know the blind amounts and blind times at a glance. TDB’s tamper proof design stops accidental tampering. TDB’s patented bet button speeds up the game by allowing players the ability to call a clock on slow player. The bet button can be set for 30, 60, or 90 seconds and is specially designed giving players an alert at 10 seconds with a final countdown the last 3 seconds.

All other Digital Dealer Buttons are glorified kitchen timers and are not safe-to-pass. Our features include: Easy to use custom programming for up to 25 levels. Auto-save feature that stores your programming even when turned off. Large LCD display and loud alarm that includes a one minute warning and long alarm at the end of each level. Never lost design allows your TDB to fit in your chip case card slot (2½ inches in diameter by ½ inch high). Auto shut off and lifetime battery replacement. Lifetime warranty when purchased on TDB website.

Deal With It Deal With It

Dealer Buttons with Blind Times only:

Dealer Button Dealer Button Dealer Button

World Poker
Tour Button

Digital Dealer


Available at:

Deal With It Deal With It
Deal With It

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