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Q. Why does my TDB’s (Tournament Dealer Button) face looks blurry and/or bubbly.

A. The face has a clear plastic cover that needs to be removed before initial use. Find an edge just inside the plastic case so that you can start to pull off the thin plastic film covering the face. Be careful not to use anything sharp that might scratch the surface and remember to do this slowly as not to pull off the entire face.

Q. I pulled the clear plastic battery tab out of the battery compartment, but my TDB is still not turning on. Is the battery bad?

A. Chances are that a piece of the clear plastic tab broke off and is preventing the battery from making contact with the circuit board. Simply remove the battery cover by removing the small screw on the circular battery compartment located on the back of your TDB. Take out the battery and check for any debris, replace the battery and battery cover and you should be good to go. If not remember to email for free battery replacement. Please be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Q. How do I turn my TDB off?

A. Hold the blue Start/Pause key down for 3 seconds or your TDB will go off after 90 minutes of non-use.

Q. How do I reset my TDB to my originally programmed times for a new tournament?

A. Turn your TDB off and on by holding the Start/Pause key for 3 seconds to turn it off and then press the Start/Pause key once to turn it on. This will reset all programmed times.

Q. How do I reset my all blind levels and blind times to zero for re-programming?

A. Put the TDB in PROGRAM MODE by holding the “P” key for 3 seconds. Set all digits to zero in level one and press the Start/Pause key. This will reset all levels to zero and put you back in PLAY MODE.

Q. How do I clear only the last 10 levels if I have 20 levels programmed?

A. In PROGRAM MODE go to level 11 and change all digits to zero and press the Start/Pause key for 3 seconds. This will zero out all levels above level 10 and put your TDB back in PLAY MODE.

Q. What kind of battery does my TDB run on and is it easily replaceable?

A. Your TDB uses one CR2032 3-Volt battery and can be replaced by removing the small screw on the circular battery compartment located on the back of the TDB. Don’t for get you can order free battery replacements by sending your name and mailing address to

Q. How do I start my TDB on a level other than level one?

A. Turn your TDB off and on. Then press the Up/Down key until you are on the level you would like to start on. Once you find the level you would like to start on press the Start/Pause key when you are ready to start the blind timer. To change the direction of the Up/Down key and arrow, hold the Up/Down key for about 3 seconds until it beeps and the Up/Down arrow on the screen will display the change of direction of the Up/Down key.

Q. How do I know I am in PLAY MODE or in PROGRAM MODE?

A. In PROGRAM MODE the there will be one flashing digit on the screen and all six digits will be shown on the big blind. In PLAY MODE the small and big blind will be alternating every 4 seconds and no digits will be flashing.

For questions on TDB operation Email:

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