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Choose Your Type of Design

  1. Text on white or colored background.
    Start entering your text on the website at START DESIGN NOW section below. Choose font, font size, font color, and background color.

  2. Logo file ready to upload. Go to the bottom of START DESIGN NOW section to the UPLOAD BACKGROUND IMAGE box.
    Note: if the logo does not fit in preview screen do not worry we will center it and shrink it to fit if necessary. White backgrounds work best.

  3. Picture with or without text.
    Upload your photo and add text if desired. Note: it is best to crop your picture before loading. For example: if you would like to center the image on a person’s face in a picture for our printing, then crop it so their face makes up 70% of the image. DO NOT over crop image a boarder is needed otherwise an unprinted section will be seen. It is better to under crop than over crop. Remember to leave plenty of room on the right and left of image to fit the half circle shape. See Custom Button Tips section below. Call our hotline if you have questions at (800) 574-8670 or leave instructions in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box found in the shopping cart when you click on the Checkout button.

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Text - Top Line

Text - Middle Line

Text - Bottom Line

Background Color

Upload Background Image

Resolution: 150 pixels or more
Size: 1.5" width x 0.587" height
      (225px width x 88px height)
Image: only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png images under 2.0 MB accepted

Submit will send you to a preview page.
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Build your own Tournament Button by layering text on top of an image or on top of a background color. When you are satisfied, submit your design and follow the next steps.

NOTE: Image may look distorted,
Custom Printed Button will NOT.

Click on the SUBMIT button on the bottom left once you have uploaded your image for more instructions.

Call (800) 574-8670 with questions.
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Custom Button Tips

Our preview feature will apply a mask on top of your uploaded image to illustrate how it will look printed on the button label. To ensure that it fits well within the space of the custom button label, here are some specifications for the size and resolution of the image you use to create your custom button:
Resolution: 150 dots per inch (DPI)
Width: 225 pixels or 1.5 inches
Height: 88 pixels or 0.587 inch
Image: only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png images under 2.0 MB accepted

This shape of an image works well in the space:
Custom Dealer Button Image Example

The preview function will resize your image if it is larger than 225 pixels in width and/or 88 pixels in height down to the necessary size. Your image will be centered and vertically aligned to the top of the label. If your image is smaller it will not resize, just center the image within the available space.

You can download a copy of the button label here to apply it on top of your image to see how it will look once uploaded and printed.


Custom Button Examples

Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button

Design your own custom button on our website by adding text and/or pictures.
Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button

Choose your background color and type in text to create your TDB on our site.
Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button Custom Dealer Button

Create your own graphic art or logo and upload it to your custom button


Custom Printing Policies

We reserve the right to refuse to print without reason. If you upload graphics to this site, you must have the authority to reproduce those graphics. You can not use our service to make copies of copyrighted works. We may refuse your order for any other reason, including but not limited to obscene, pornographic or offensive content.

Intellectual Property Information

Users are prohibited from using the DB Dealer, Inc. to print Tournament Dealer Buttons that infringes third party intellectual property rights (such as right of publicity, copyright, trademark, and trade dress). DB Dealer, Inc. makes every attempt to limit the instances where a user of the DB Dealer, Inc. website infringes on a third party intellectual property rights.


Custom Button Hotline

For help with designing and developing your custom Tournament Dealer Button
Email: or Call: (800) 574-8670 (10a-9p PST). If you reach our voicemail please leave the best time to return your call.
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